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1) Family owned and operated business:  At L & L you're dealing with the owners directly and can be assured we care about the customer. This is not a side business for us.



2) Security: L & L Storage in Burlington is located right next to the Des Moines County Correctional Facility.  This location gives us a unique security advantage.  We have 25 security cameras in Burlington and 24 security cameras in Fort Madison that record 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No Wire Mesh - All of our storage units are built with either wood or steel walls and ceilings.  Some facilities use wire mesh for walls or ceilings which can create a security risk.



3) Expert advice:  We have been in the storage business for over 14 years.  We are happy to help you with any storage questions or concerns you might have.



4) We value our loyal customers: Unlike other storage facilities, we don’t have 6 month or yearly anniversary rent raises on existing customers. We don't play the "get the customer and then raise their rent" game!



5) Two week move out notice: Most facilities require a 30 day move out notice.  At L & L we realize that much notice isn’t always possible, that’s why we only require a two week notice for a move out.



6) Ceiling Insulation: We have insulation in the ceilings of all of our storage units, even the non-climate control units. This is important because without insulation a steel ceiling can form condensation which can then drip down onto your belongings.



7) Climate Control: Our Climate Control building is kept between 65 and 70 degrees year-round.  Each Climate Control unit has its own air vent to assure that your unit is getting air conditioning or heating. Many storage facilities advertise climate control but have a wide range of temperatures and the temperatures can vary greatly depending on location in the building. If you're paying for Climate Control make sure you get what you are paying for!



8) Built to be a storage facility: If you store at L & L you can be sure that we will always be a storage facility.  Our building is not temporarily converted into a storage facility that is trying to be sold for other purposes.  If you choose to store in a building that is for sale what will happen to you when the building sells?



9) Late Fee: Be sure to ask about late fees. At L & L Storage we have one of the lowest late fees in the business.



10) We are here for you: We have done countless things for our customers over the years. We have been known to help a customer lift a heavy item and unlike most facilities, we don’t charge customers to cut their locks. These are just a few of the many helpful things we have done for our customers.